Dating & Relationship Coach – Learn how to attract the woman that you want, and find your ideal partner on this amazing journey – For MEN with social anxiety.

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find your ideal partner Thomas Kallos

Learn how to find the supportive partner you’ve always wanted in your life.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • You will learn how to get rid of social anxiety, and how to become socially confident and calibrated around women.
  • You will understand the rules of female attraction, and you will be able to use them as a cheat code in your life, to date the woman that you’ve always wanted.
  • You won’t have to depend too much on luck or timing anymore, instead, you’ll have a proven system that works, to find true love.
  • Not only you’ll know how to talk to women, but as a side benefit, you’ll also learn how to make friends, how to hang out with people, and how to create a deep emotional connection effortlessly, without having to feel uncomfortable or weird about it.
  • And ultimately, you’ll be able to find a woman with integrity, someone who honestly loves you and understands you, someone you can truly trust, and with whom you can finally start building a stable life together.

If you’ve decided to make that change and to find your ideal partner:

Client Feedbacks 👇

For who is 1-on-1 coaching?

  • For MEN, who are determined to find an amazing partner, but feel nervous, shy or awkward in any social situation.
  • For MEN, who feel like they screw up even the most basic interaction, because they tend to always overthink and overanalyze every small detail.
  • For MEN, who are having a hard time talking to women, or to people in general.
  • For MEN, who feel like they have a lot to offer, but still don’t get noticed by women.
  • For MEN, who had enough of feeling weird and uncomfortable when talking to women, and who have decided to find their ideal partner FOR REAL, while getting rid of their social anxiety FOR REAL.

A dating and relationship coach you can trust. Really.

The relationship with my clients is based on trust. I’ve always preferred an honest and transparent approach in life. So, if you’ve decided to start this journey, let’s work together and let’s create an amazing love life for you.

Don’t just take my word for it. See what others are saying as well. 👇

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Find Your Ideal Partner

About me (in short)

I was a late bloomer, and for a very long time I didn’t know how to make friends, nor how to talk to women. Furthermore, I didn’t know what to say, what is considered an “interesting” topic, or how to say it.

I had social anxiety. My mind and body froze countless times when I wanted to talk to any girl that I liked.

Only after 21, I started to socialize more, to make more friends, to go out to parties, and slowly bus surely, I started to talk to women.

3 years later, when I was 24, I got myself into dating. Only 1 year after I got myself into dating, I finally managed to find my ideal partner.

And I want to share with you everything, that I’ve learned throughout these years, on this amazing journey. Each failure, each trial, and each experiment of mine, when I wanted to figure it out myself, believe me or not, was hard and took me a long time.

But you don’t have to go through that by yourself, blindly. I found a way how it is possible to find an amazing partner, while you are living the best years of your life.

  • No more weird or awkward social interactions.
  • No more lonely weekends.
  • And no more worrying, that you will run out of time.

If you’ve decided to find your ideal partner, and if you are ready to get rid of that social anxiety, then book a call with me personally.