3 Dealbreakers on the First Date – Must Avoid These People

There are a few red flags which are absolute dealbreakers on the first date, so you should watch out for them right in the beginning.

And the good news is, they can be spotted pretty easily, right on the first date, but only if you know what to watch out for.

Knowing these dealbreakers can save you from SO MUCH pain and frustration in the future, just because you avoided these toxic people, and didn’t fall in love with the wrong person.

So, here we go. The 3 dealbreakers on the first date.

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The 3 dealbreakers on the first date

1) They’re always blaming something else

dealbreakers on the first date pointing fingers

Watch out for those people who are always pointing fingers at something, or someone else, because of their lack of success, or because of any particular reason.

If you catch someone multiple times explaining and defending themselves, why it wasn’t their fault, it’s clear that they can’t take ownership for their actions.

And that’s a clear dealbreaker.

  • Because of the government
  • Because of the taxes
  • Because of their parents
  • Because of the circumstances
  • Because of his/her SPECIAL condition or situation

They would always come up with an explanation.

But they are never for the blame.

They are always a victim of on external factor.

Not being able to take ownership for our lives is the #1 red flag you should be looking for early on in a relationship.

So if you catch someone defending themselves too much, or constantly pointing fingers at others, and blaming others right on the first date, take it as a clear dealbreaker, and stay away from that person.

  • Maybe they are super attractive and really sexy
  • Maybe the sex is mind-blowing between the two of you
  • And maybe you already fell in love with this person

But trust me.

It’s for your own well-being.

Stay away from them, because they will only make your life a misery in the long run.

They will only blame you for everything.

And if you’ve built up a life with this person and if you love them, then it’s going to be hard to escape that prison.

2) They’re constantly talking about themselves

constantly talking about themselves

We all know someone who can talk about themselves for 10 minutes straight, without asking anything about us.

And even IF they did ask something about us, they would get back to talking about themselves in less than a minute.

Have you ever met someone like that?

I know a few of these people, and if you do two, then they can be the perfect example for you, to know who to avoid at all cost.

And if you see this behavior in someone you really like, don’t let yourself get blinded by love.

It’s an extremely dangerous place to be in.

  • These people are SO MUCH self-centered.
  • They can’t think about anything else than themselves.
  • It’s a huge sign of narcissism.
  • Plus, they typically lack empathy.

And if you get involved romantically with someone like this, and if you start to have feelings for them, then your life slowly will become a nightmare. I can guarantee you that.

I’m not telling you that you can’t tell a story about yourself that is longer than 10 minutes, because then you’d be considered a narcissist.

Of course, you can. I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about those people who would non-stop talk about themselves, and would barely show sincere interest in you.

So, if you catch someone with that behavior, then take it as a clear dealbreaker, and stay away from them as soon as possible.

3) They always have a strong opinion, and they always know it better

always having strong opinion red flag

Typically, these people, who have a strong opinion about everything, are self-centered. Especially when that topic can be debated in so many ways.

You see, when someone constantly has a strong opinion, it only tells us, that they didn’t even consider thinking it through from another point of view.

Because those people, who actually thought it through from other perspectives as well, would be careful in stating anything so surely about debatable topics.

Not to mention when they tend to know it all, and know it better.

You can’t actually know it all.

And you can’t actually be so sure about everything.

It’s great to have that confidence when you’re speaking, but this is just an extreme of having too much confidence, combined with self-centeredness.

These people would barely, or never use:

  • “I think …”
  • “I believe …”
  • “In my point of view …”
  • “I see it this way because …”

No. They don’t “think” it’s like that, because they state it, as if it was a fact, with 100% certainty.

When in reality, they ONLY see their OWN point of view, refusing to be open for other perspectives as well.

Debatable topics could be:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Covid vaccination
  • Money
  • Way of living

Or any other debatable topic. I hope you get the point.

And if they are always so sure about themselves in everything, and if they know it better, then just take it as a clear dealbreaker, run away from that person, and never look back.

It’s NOT your job to change anybodies mind, or to fix anybody.

All in all, you should simply focus on improving yourself, and on finding someone who has a healthy personality already.

And if you want to find your ideal partner, then you should definitely watch out for these dealbreakers on the first date, because otherwise, you’re just inviting all that unnecessary drama into your life, which will eventually make your life a misery.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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