The 7 Cheat Codes for a Stable Relationship

Have you ever asked yourself what is the secret for a long-lasting relationship? Well, today I’m going to share with you the 7 cheat codes for a stable relationship.

Here they are.

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The 7 cheat codes for a stable relationship

#1. Cheat code for a stable relationship – Loyalty and honesty

7 cheat codes for a stable relationship honesty

Nowadays, loyalty and honesty is really rare to find.

Especially with so many opportunities around us.

  • It’s so easy to give in and cheat.
  • It’s so easy to lie and hide the truth.
  • Likewise, it’s so easy to convince ourselves that it wasn’t such a big deal.

Being unfaithful and dishonest is the lazy and ugly way.

Being loyal and honest is the harder and correct way.

And that’s what makes it so RARE.

That’s what makes these 2 characteristics combined so valuable.

#2. Cheat code for a stable relationship – Respect

We all know, how important it is to respecting our partner. But what does it really mean?

This is what it actually means:

  • To respect her boundaries
  • To respect her point of view if it differs from yours
  • To respect when she is talking by listening to her
  • To respect her choices

It also means that:

  • We don’t get angry, and we don’t start to fight her when we disagree.
  • We don’t shame her when we don’t like how she behaved.
  • And also, that we are not trying to force our point of view on her, when we don’t agree.

Respecting her means that we are NOT JUDGING her.

To live without anger and resentment because of a certain behavior.

To respect that she is another individual, with another way of seeing things, and that’s completely fine.

#3. Cheat code for a stable relationship – Paying attention to each other

stable relationship taking care of each other

In other words, caring for each other.

It’s not enough if you’re madly in love with her, thus, only you’re the only one who is a caring person in the relationship.

It has to be a 2 way road.

  • Pay attention to her by making her a cup of tea as well when you are making one for yourself.
  • Pay attention to her by remembering which is her favorite movie, chocolate, flower and surprise her with that occasionally.
  • And at the same time, pay attention to her by hugging her and giving her a kiss when she is having a bad day.
  • By genuinely listening to her, you are also showing clear signs of paying attention and caring.

But again. It has to be a 2 way road.

It is not enough if you have intense feelings towards her.

Both of you have to care for each other.

That’s a must!

#4. Cheat code for a stable relationship – Compromising every once in a while

Being together with someone for a long time, will definitely bring some hard times into your lives. And it is impossible to always agree on everything.

And when there is no way you can come up with a solution that benefits both of you, THEN you’ll have to compromise.

A few times you compromise.

And a few times she compromises.

It can’t be that only one of you is always compromising.

Because if that’s the case, then something is definitely wrong with the relationship.

#5. Cheat code for a stable relationship – Proper communication

Communication in a stable relationship

More specifically:

  • Know how to have those difficult conversations
  • Know how to talk to her when you are angry
  • Know how to properly communicate what’s on your mind
  • Know how to communicate when something has been bothering you for a long time

And it’s important to mention, that the ultimate enemy of communication is ASSUMPTION.

So, instead of assuming anything about your partner, learn how to communicate it in a kind, respectful and loving way.

Don’t destroy your relationship with your communication.

Instead, make it stronger than ever before, and build with it!

#6. Cheat code for a stable relationship – Having both of you your individual life

This one is extremely important, yet very-very often overlooked.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for both of you to have your own individual lives.

  • Have your own goals and go for it
  • Have your own hobbies and nurture it
  • And once in a while, go out with your own friends, just the two of you (or more of you)

Before anybody misunderstands this information, let me tell you this: You should never go into extremes!

So, you’ll have to find the sweat-spot that works for both of you.

Here are the two extreme examples:

Extreme example #1:

Being too much career centered, building it day by day, and barely knowing how to take a break or how to unplug. At the same time, you barely spend time with your loved one, and even when you spend time with her, you aren’t fully present, because your mind is constantly ticking on the next project, or on the previous meeting. In other words, your whole identity is wrapped around your career.

Extreme example #2:

You always spend all your time with her, and you never go out with your friends just yourself. At the same time, you don’t have your own life, your own hobbies, and your own goals. Whenever you have some time, you just want to spend it together with her. In other words, your whole identity is wrapped around her.

It’s always a great balance.

It can never be an extreme.

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#7. Cheat code for a stable relationship – Spending quality time with each other

quality time for a long-lasting relationship

As I said before, it’s very important not to go into extremes.

But spending quality time with each other can’t be replaced with anything else.

  • Go out and take a long walk in the park
  • Play some board games or card games together
  • Paint with her
  • Dance with her
  • Sing with her
  • Give your undivided attention to her

It doesn’t matter what you do together, until you are fully present.

It’s so easy to come up with an excuse why you don’t have time for her.

It’s not about not having time.

It’s about her not being a priority.

So find time for each other, and give your undivided attention to each other.

  • That’s what’s going to make your relationship magical.
  • That’s what’s going to create those unforgettable moments in your lives.
  • And that’s what’s going to create that stronger bond as a couple, that nobody can take away from you.

Right now, you are at step 10/10, in the 10-step system on how to find your ideal partner.

More exactly, this was the last bite of the last step from the system.

So, congratulations on coming all the way down, till the end!

  • I hope you managed to break the ice and to get started with this amazing journey.
  • I hope that this system helped you to break some of your own limiting beliefs.
  • And I really hope, that you truly learned something valuable, something that WILL actually help you in finding your ideal partner.

If you don’t know about this system yet, BUT you truly want to find your ideal partner, then see the full 10-step system here.

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Until next time.

Take care.

Thomas Kallos Find Your Ideal Partner

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  1. Right here is the perfect site for everyone who hopes to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject which has been discussed for decades. Wonderful stuff, just wonderful!

    • Thank you brother, I really appreciate all your kind words.
      I always try my best to bring a realistic and complex picture to all of you guys.
      And I will keep doing so.
      Thank you again.
      Take care Wendell.

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