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I was a late bloomer
For a very long time, I didn’t know how to make friends. 

  • I didn’t know how to fit in.
  • I didn’t know how to let go. 
  • And also, I couldn’t laugh about those jokes, that other people were laughing about.

I simply couldn’t. Even though I tried a few times, but no success. And that’s why I rather stayed with the 1-2 friends of mine, with whom I felt comfortable enough, without having to feel that pressure.

Since I didn’t socialize that much, I also didn’t know how to talk to women. I didn’t know what to say, what is considered an “interesting” topic, or how to say it.

I had social anxiety. My mind and body froze countless times when I wanted to talk to any girl that I liked. And since I didn’t quite have success in it, I kept telling to myself, that it’s because I’m not good-looking, nor a rich person to get them. That was my excuse at the moment.

I finished 6 years of university as a civil engineer and in the first 3 semesters, I only got +A grades. I loved it and I felt strong in it, since I really liked analytical stuff. But then, there was this moment in my life, when I took a step back, and looked at everything that I’ve accomplished until then. Just an honest reality check.

I realized, that while I was a top student at the university, I didn’t really have a social life. At all.

  • I got so angry at myself, because I actually realized how many opportunities I’ve missed, just because I’ve been passive for so long.
  • Just because I was going with the flow, and though if I’ll just be myself, everything will just turn out well.
  • At that moment, I realized, that this part of my life wasn’t sorted out at all.
It was like a wake-up call.

So, only after 21, I started to socialize more, to make more friends, went out to a few parties, and slowly but surely, I started to talk to women as well.

About Thomas Kallos
Thomas Kallos and Erika

Three years later, when I was 24, I got myself into dating. I started to learn more and more about social dynamics, and about male & female attraction. And only 1 year after I got myself into dating, I finally managed to find my ideal partner.

And I want to share with you everything, that I’ve learned throughout these years, on this amazing journey. 

Each failure, each rejection, and each experiment of mine, when I wanted to figure it out myself, believe me or not, was pretty much intense and painful. Plus, it took me a long time.

But you don’t have to go through that by yourself, blindly. I found a way how it is possible to find an amazing partner, while you are living the best years of your life.

It’s time to step up, and finally get noticed by them.
It’s time to step up, and sort out this area of your life as well.

If you’ve decided to finally find your ideal partner, and if you are ready to go through that same change, then book a call with me personally.

About Thomas Kallos

True stories

The belief breaking true stories that helped me to finally open my eyes and to overcome all my limiting beliefs in terms of dating and finding love. Once I opened my eyes, the only question I asked myself was:

“Where have I been for so long?”

I hope these belief-changing trues stories will help YOU as well, to get started on this amazing journey, and to find your ideal partner.

The Moment I Got Myself Into Dating [True Story]​

  • On day zero, I could approach zero women.
  • One year after, I found my ideal partner.

This was the moment I got myself into dating, based on a true story.

My First Approach That Broke the Ice [True Story]

It’s funny how even skeptical people can change their minds in minutes, and they only need a “What the hell” moment to get there.

It all started with a stupid experiment.

This was my first approach that broke the ice for me, based on a true story.

I Was a Late Bloomer but Found My Ideal Partner [True Story]

I was a late bloomer.
For a very long time, I didn’t really pay attention to so many details in life.

I was a high-performing student with ZERO social life.

Yet, managed to find my ideal partner.