Am I in the Friend Zone Quiz – The Friendzone Test

Am I in the Friend Zone Quiz – The Friendzone Test

Some interesting facts about the friend zone

  • Research has found that men are more often friendzoned than women.
  • The term friend zone was popularized in the 1994 film “Friends with Benefits” and has since been used to describe when one person is romantically interested in another who only sees them as a friend.
  • Research has shown that people who are in the friend zone often have unrealistic expectations and are more likely to be disappointed when their feelings are not reciprocated.
  • Some people think that if they are nice or do favors for the other person, they will be more likely to develop romantic feelings. This is not true, as genuine attraction cannot be formed by simply being nice to someone.
  • Some people think that the friend zone is a permanent situation and there’s no way out of it. But, in reality, people’s feelings, desires and circumstances change over time, and it’s possible to re-negotiate things, if you start to play the right cards of course.

Top reasons why men are being friendzoned

  • She is not attracted to him romantically or sexually.
  • He is too nice, thus she will consider him only as a great friend.
  • He doesn’t flirt with her or makes it man to woman, only talks about general topics.
  • He may listen carefully to most of her problems, and he believes that they get closer and closer with each session, when in reality attraction is not formed like this.
  • She may not be ready for a romantic relationship.
  • She may not see him as a compatible partner.

Am I in the Friend Zone Quiz – The Friendzone Test

Find out whether she put you in the friend zone or not.

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