Constantly attracting the wrong woman? – Here’s one big secret

Did you know that 80% of the divorces are initiated by women? At least in the US they are, but it also gives us a pretty accurate picture about what’s happening all over the world in marriages.

So it’s crucial for us men to know how to attract the right person in our lives and who to choose, because the statistics are not in our favor.
I promise you, once you see the matrix, you can’t unsee it, and it will completely change the way you see the „why” behind choosing your partner.

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So, why are we constantly attracting the wrong woman over and over again?

are you attracting the wrong woman?

The short answer is, because our current priorities are matching, and it is really blinding us.

For the longer answer, let me give you an example.

Example #1

Imagine the following.

Let’s say you are into motorcycles.
You love to talk about them.

You know all the brands and models that are out there.

And you might even have a Ninja 650R as well, that you love to ride a lot.

Now, let’s say you meet this girl.

You don’t really know her yet, but she is really into motorcycles.

Plus, she is really cute as well.

attracting the wrong woman


“She is the one I was waiting for so long.”
“She is perfect.”
“I have to make this work, no matter what.”
“I can’t ruin this one.”

You see, you barely know this girl, but since she is cute, and you have a current priority in common, it feels like you connect.
It feels like you click.

She’s really special.
Like she is THE ONE!

And now you are coming up with all these theories why she is the perfect girl for you and why you must have her.

And then, slowly but steadily, you start to notice that you are having feelings for her.

Maybe you are in love already.

And guess what.
You don’t even knowing her.
At all!

And here we go again.

We might be attracting the wrong woman.

Just because we were blinded by something that is really important for us at the moment.

Let me give you another example.

Example #2

Let’s say you are someone who went through a painful break-up.
She cheated on you, and now you’re really hurt and disappointed.
And you don’t know if you are going to trust someone again in your life.

Let’s say you meet this girl who was also cheated on.

You get to talk to her for a little while.

She tells you know how disappointed she was, and that she can never understand cheaters.

You resonate for a moment.


attracting the wrong woman holding hands

Do you think loyalty and trust is a current priority for both of you at the moment?
Most probably.

Or here’s another quick example:

If your ex was a narcissist, do you think kindness and caring became no.1 priority in your life?

Most probably.

That one characteristic weighs so much in your eyes at the moment, that nothing else really matters.

And as you resonate with her, it feels like you REALLY CONNECT.

It feels like it’s the perfect match.

It MUST BE REAL, right?

“Finally, someone who gets me.”
“Finally, someone who wouldn’t cheat on me.”
“Finally, someone who I can trust.”
“Finally, someone who cares about me.”


And yet, you didn’t even give yourself the time to know her for real.

You DON’T know her yet!
I can’t emphasize this enough!

And again, you are already coming up with all these explanations why she would be such a great partner for you.
You start to create feelings around her and suddenly here we go again.

Potentially attracting the wrong woman.

Simply because we were blinded by a few current priority matches.

Not to mention what happens if we are lonely, and we are desperately searching for love.

searching for love

So, what to do to avoid attracting the wrong woman?

I’m not telling that it’s bad that you met somebody who you resonated with, someone who you like or whom you feel connected to.
Not at all.
That’s great.
That’s a big advantage for both of you.

All I’m trying to say is, that you shouldn’t let yourself be blinded by this only one thing, but rather you should SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE instead.

attracting the wrong woman under microscope

You are ZOOMED IN so much on a detail that is so important for you at the moment, that you get completely blinded by it, and you tend to ignore everything else that should be taken into consideration before starting a new relationship.

Current priority matches are really blinding us.

And this blindness is attracting the wrong woman into our lives.

What can these current priorities be?

These priorities can be common goals.
Common hobbies.
Common interests.
Maybe your common profession, if that is something really important for you at the moment.

Or that she should be really hot and pretty.

That can easily be a huge priority for most men out there.

The bottom line is, you need to be aware of this blinding force, and you should never let this transform your life into a misery, by attracting the wrong woman, without first getting to know her for real.

How much can you lose?

It can totally destroy your life.
Trust me.
Open your eyes for a moment and take a look at the couples who are going through a divorce.

attracting the wrong woman divorce

Everything that they’ve built up so far, is now falling apart.

All because of a bad choice.

Unfortunately I had to see it from first hand through my parents.
Maybe this is one big reason why I am teaching this right now.
Because I’ve seen how much you can lose because of a dumb choice.
And we all make dumb choices.
Especially in our younger ages.

And attracting the wrong woman is a huge one, that can cost us a lot in the long run.

Can you even imagine how much?

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Until next time.

Take care.

Thomas Kallos – Find Your Ideal Partner

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