3 Best Body Language Tips to Be More Confident Around Her

Fact: 93% of our communication is non-verbal, and our body language represents 55% of it. That’s actually the biggest part, since tonality plays a 38% role in it.

So here are the 3 best body language tips to be more confident around her, that will definitely help you to attract her with a higher success rate.

Plus, I will share with you 3 extra tips, what you should avoid at all cost, if you don’t want to appear as an insecure, or as a low-confidence guy, when you’re talking to her.

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Confident body language

We all know, that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do it subconsciously. And our body language tells a lot about ourselves.

Little details like this are more important, than you might actually think.

So here are the 3 best body language tips to be more confident around her.

1) Strong eye contact

The magical number?

It’s around 72% of eye contact during the conversation.

strong eye contact

But you don’t have to go into extremes with this, and you definitely don’t have to stare too much into her eyes, because that can be really creepy.

You just need to hold a strong and firm eye contact for the majority of the interaction.

And also, it’s alright to look away every once in a while.

It won’t make you appear weak.

Just find that 3/4 golden balance, and hold a strong eye-contact during the conversation.

And again, don’t be afraid to look into her eyes.

Learn to enjoy that beauty, to enjoy that female energy, soak it in, and give yourself permission to stare into her eyes for a moment. (Or for a bit longer.)

And as a sidenote, it’s better if she is the one who breaks eye contact when you meet first. That can give a confident first impression to her.

2) Narrow your eyes a bit (and add a little smile)

I’m sure you can recognize that typical nice guy face.

That too friendly face, that tells it all.

That look, that tells you, that he’s must be such a nice guy, and such a kind person.

typical nice guy smile

Well, that’s exactly what you want to avoid when it’s about women, because being labeled as a nice guy isn’t going to be attractive, and what’s more, you can easily fall in the friend zone from there.

So let’s try to avoid having a typical nice guy face, and instead, let’s try to project a more confident look.

Here’s a little trick.

Slightly narrow your eyes, and add a small, confident smile to it.

be more confident around her

That’s it.

It goes well with a strong eye contact.

By the way, the smile doesn’t necessarily have to be with your teeth showing. IF you can’t force it, or if it doesn’t come naturally, then just add a confident smile, with your mouth closed. I know many people, who can’t force a smile with their teeth, yet they don’t have any problems with their confidence, so that shouldn’t become an excuse for anything.

  • Practice it in front of the mirror.
  • Play with it.
  • And ultimately, give it time.

That’s the only way how you can master it.

3) A confident posture

First, your posture should be a combination of a relaxed and confident posture. It got to show her, that you are comfortable and confident enough to be around her.

  • Shoulders back.
  • Chest out.
  • And chin up, but not too much though, so you don’t come off as arrogant.
confident male body language

Just like your style, your body language does a huge amount of talking for you, without even having to say a thing.

So, always try to have a relaxed, open and confident posture like this, instead of having a closed, slouched and weak one.

You can start practicing and implementing it into your every day life, until you get used to it, and until it becomes your second nature to have that confident posture.

Extra: AVOID these at all cost

If you want to be more confident around her, then you should definitely consider these counter examples, and avoid them at all cost.

I) Fidgeting

If you’re constantly playing with your hands, shaking your legs, or if you’re simply fidgeting while talking to her, then it’s definitely going to be a sign of insecurity.

The underlying communication is, that you are uncomfortable and nervous around her.

So if you observe that you are doing this, then try to avoid it at all cost.

II) Constantly looking around

This type of body language is another huge sign of insecurity and lack of confidence.

  • It communicates, that you’re not manly enough to pay attention to her during the conversation.
  • That either you get easily distracted, or, that you don’t have the courage to look into her eyes.
  • And at the same time, it’s pretty disrespectful towards her to keep looking around.

So again, if you catch yourself, that you’re constantly looking around while talking to her, then try to avoid it at all cost.

III) Afraid to hold eye contact

hold strong eye contact with her

Afraid to hold eye contact = huge lack of confidence.

That’s the harsh reality, and unfortunately women can sense it immediately.

Your eyes are one of the strongest weapons you can have, when showing a dominant and confident character.

The way you look at her can win or lose it all.

So pay huge attention to how you hold eye contact, and don’t be afraid to look into her eyes.

Again, give yourself permission to do so, and start to get used to it, because in the beginning ,it is going to feel extremely unusual, strange and awkward.

Because IF you are afraid to hold a strong eye contact, then you are going to have a hard time explaining to her, that you are actually a confident person.

Now, a few honest words about confidence

Of course, all these might sound a little “fake it till you make it”, which obviously has some truth to it. But only to a certain degree, of course.

True confident body language actually comes from within.

And I’m sure you hear this 100x already.

But look. Here’s the deal.

  • If you TRULY learn to love yourself.
  • If you’re ACTUALLY starting to value yourself for who you are.
  • And if you FINALLY give yourself the deserved credits for what you’ve achieved.

Then that true confidence and respect toward yourself, WILL come naturally, and it will be shown throughout your body language as well.

I’m NOT talking about a narcissistic self-love. I’m talking about a healthy one.

And I’m sure you’ve overcome something really difficult in your life, but maybe you just didn’t give enough credits to yourself for it.

So, there’s a huge internal work to be done here.

Of course, these exercises WILL help you to be more confident around her, and it’s an excellent starting point for most people.

But know, that your natural body language is simply the projection of your internal world.

So, before applying any of these tips, you should know, that true confidence comes hand-in-hand with experience, and for that, you’ll have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone, and to break some of your own limiting beliefs.

Because those quick fixes might be the low-hanging fruits right now, and they might even work out in many cases. But they definitely won’t fool anybody for too long, especially IF you’re planning to have a stable, long-lasting relationship, and if you’re planning to find your ideal partner in the near future.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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