3 Simple Tonality Tricks to Become More Confident

According to experts, 93% of our communication is non-verbal, and tonality takes a big part of it.

So, here are 3 simple tonality tricks to become more confident, which will eventually help you to attract more women, and to simply get what you want in life, by having a more persuasive way of expressing yourself.

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When you want to attract someone, you got to be a confident person, a person with integrity, and someone who doesn’t cross their boundaries. But even if you do cross their boundaries, you got to be someone who quickly calibrates, acknowledges, and takes a step back.

But ultimately, you got to be CONFIDENT.

So, here are 3 simple tonality tricks to become more confident.

Confident tonality

Everything we say, we say it with a certain tonality.

And HOW we say things matter much more, than WHAT we say.

So this is what to do to become more confident.

1) Bring your voice downwards at the end

tonality to become more confident

This was something completely new for me a few years ago, but the psychology behind it is actually simple.

A counter-example will explain it just perfectly.

If you bring your voice upwards at the end of your sentence, then it’s kind of like you want something from the other person.

  • It feels too kind.
  • It feels too friendly.
  • Likewise, it’s just too much, since it’s an approval seeking tonality.

Just imagine when you talk to your boss in this tone, and you ask him:

Hey, how are you today? (With your tone up at the end)

It kind of feels like you want something in return, or you want to ask for a favor later on, or as if you were seeking for his approval.

And that’s why it’s important to hold that neutral tonality, while you bring your voice downwards at the end of your sentence.

Of course, not in every case, you’ll need to bring your voice down at then end. Simply see this as a general rule of thumb, to avoid sounding like you are seeking for their approval.

2) Play with your voice and apply gestures

If you feel like you might sound a bit monotonous, then try playing with your voice a little, when you’re telling a story.

Insert a few vocal inflections in the way you’re talking.

That means, that you should go from a low-to-high, or from a high-to-low pitch every once in a while.

Another great way to work on a monotonous voice, is to simply move your hands more, as if you were explaining something.

Because, when you start to explain something, you’ll get more engaged, you’ll become more expressive, and more likely your vocal tonality will follow through.

  • So, just play with your voice a little.
  • Practice loud talking, when nobody is at home.
  • Move your hands a few times, as if you were explaining something.
  • And just get used to your own voice, and to the vocal changes you are making.

In the beginning it’s always weird. You just have to get used to it.

But this is how you can become more confident.

3) Be exited with a high energy

Again, IF you speak up with a monotonous tone, then you’ll definitely bore the hell out of them.

  • So instead, be excited.
  • Talk with enthusiasm.
  • And bring a high energy into the conversation.

One little trick, that I’ve learned throughout the years, about how to be more excited when you talk, is to simply talk the same way, as if you were talking about something you’re passionate about.

  • If you love NBA, talk to her as if you were talking about the latest Lakers win.
  • If you love science, talk to her, as if you were talking about the laws of physics.
  • And if you love anime, talk to her, as if you would describe the last episode of the series, to one of your best friends.

I hope you get the idea.

So basically, avoid sounding monotonous, and bring some enthusiasm into the conversation, as if you were talking about something you’re really excited.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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