Does the Perfect Partner Exist? – How to Find Your Ideal Partner

Deep inside, most of us believe in the perfect partner. That there is someone really special, so attractive, so beautiful, and so good, that she would simply be perfect for us.

Does the perfect partner exist?

Is there actually someone, or in other words “the one”, who would be perfect for us?

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Does the perfect partner exist?

Does the perfect partner exist

I’m sorry to be the one who breaks it for you, but there is no such thing as “the perfect partner” or “the one”.

There are ONLY great partners, outstanding partners, or ideal partners.

Why do I tell that, and why is this even important to know?

Because, IF we truly believe, that there is someone out there who will be perfect for us, or who was meant for us, then we are capable to waste even years from our lives, and to compromise from ourselves, just to be with them.

  • Walking on eggshells for a very long time.
  • Trying to play it carefully.
  • Trying to play it safe.
  • Keeping ourselves for them, and not meeting anybody else meanwhile.
  • And wasting all that precious time for an illusion, that we’ve built up for ourselves.

Oh, and by the way, when we expect perfect, then disappointment is coming along with it as well, that’s for sure. Plus, having too high expectations, kills our chances of finding an ideal partner, since we throw many great opportunities away right off the bat.


There is no such thing as “the perfect partner”, and I would never advise anybody to live with this mindset, of waiting for the perfect person to appear one day.

But, good news.

There are definitely many great partners out there.

Many potentially outstanding and ideal partners.

  • Walking on the streets.
  • Every single day.
  • Waiting for a true man to meet them.
  • And waiting for a confident man to seduce them.

Women have this issue of not being able to find an ideal partner as well.

women can't find ideal partner

It’s true.

They struggle with it as well.

But don’t expect women to initiate.

That happens only in the Hollywood movies, or if you won the genetic lottery.

Because men should be the ones who initiate first. Of course, women can too, and it happens that they initiate. But never expect them to do so.

And that’s why you need to notice all these opportunities around you, and find the courage to say hi, when someone you really like is walking by you.

That way, at least you give yourself the chance, to meet a potentially great partner.

Who knows what will happen?

But you will only find it out, if you give it a shot.

How to find your ideal partner?

Let me give you an interesting analogy, that I’ve learned along the years.

You can find your ideal partner the same way, as if you wanted to find your life purpose.

Here’s the deal.

We all have great potentials in ourselves, in different areas of life.

  • Some of us are very talented in painting.
  • Some of us in music.
  • And some of us in sports.
  • Or singing.
  • Dancing.
  • Driving.
  • Teaching.
  • Mathematics.

You name it, there is definitely SOMETHING in what you are really good at.

What makes you feel alive and energized.

What makes you feel happy.

And what you could do for the rest of your life, even if they didn’t pay anything for it.

You just have to keep digging and find it.

  • But, IF we don’t test ourselves on different levels.
  • If we don’t dig deep enough.
  • And if we give up too soon.

Then we definitely won’t be able to find anything, and in addition, we would start to believe, that we are not good at anything, and that purpose doesn’t even exist.

  • But, if we are open enough for those new opportunities.
  • If we challenge ourselves and test ourselves in different fields of life.
  • And, if we keep going enough, without giving up too soon.

Then, trust me, you WILL be able to find your purpose after a while.

And the same principle applies, when you are searching for your ideal partner.

Can you see the similarities?

find your ideal partner


  • Being open for new opportunities.
  • Experiencing those new opportunities.
  • And keep going like that persistently, until you found what you were searching for.

And that’s exactly how you can find your purpose, together with your ideal partner.

But for that, you’ll need to forget about the “perfect partner”.

That doesn’t exist.

Instead, simply create opportunities to meet high-value women with integrity, while focusing on your long-term goals.

And when you go on this path long enough, with the right mindset, and with the required experience, I guarantee, you will find your ideal partner.

  • You’ll find someone who shares the same values.
  • Someone, who has similar goals.
  • And someone, with whom you can finally create a loving and stable life together.

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Until next time.

Take care.

Thomas Kallos Find Your Ideal Partner

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