4 Crucial Ways How Social Anxiety Affects Your Life

  • Avoiding activities that you enjoy?
  • Want to make friends, but you keep avoiding being noticed?
  • Or maybe you’re afraid to be judged by others?

This is how social anxiety affects your life.

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How social anxiety affects your life

1) Developing other mental illnesses.

How social anxiety affects your life

a) Depression

According to a 2014 study, for nearly 70% of people, diagnosed with both depression and social anxietysocial anxiety came first.

b) Alcohol use disorder

Also, according to a 2001-2002 study, in the US, made on 43,000 individuals, they found out, that 80% of people, diagnosed with both alcohol use disorder and social anxiety, social anxiety came first.

So, it’s better to identify and treat it early, than to let it grow, and have a more severe problem because of it.

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2) Hard to meet new people – Making friends.

making friends

Of course, there are a lot of A-holes out there.

I get it. They are the living proof why it is so frustrating to talk to new people, and why we avoid making new friends.

On the other hand, there are a lot of awesome, and kind-hearted people out there as well. A bit less, of course.

BUT, let’s be honest for a moment.

Friends play such a huge role in our everyday life.

  • We celebrate our biggest milestones together – When we graduate, having a big promotion, on our wedding, buying a new house, buying a new car.
  • We support each other in hard times – Going through a break-up, getting fired, having a severe illness, losing an important person in our lives.
  • Also, we share our biggest secrets with each other.
  • And we create unforgettable memories together, which will ultimately create the stories that we will never forget.

But IF we will avoid being noticed, then we won’t even give ourselves the chance, to get to know these people.

And, if we’ve been in this negative mindset for a very long time, we might just say, that we don’t need them, and we are good without them anyway.


3) Difficult to interact with your teammates.

not being socially calibrated

What do I mean by teammates?

  • Co-workers
  • Family members
  • Close friends
  • Spouses

It’s HARD to maintain a good relationship when it’s difficult to interact with them, and I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be socially calibrated.

Because we will definitely run into a few difficult conversations throughout the years.

But IF we keep avoiding these difficult situations, then we will never learn how to handle them the right way. And the next time another difficult conversation comes across, we fall in the same trap again and again.

But it’s not only about the difficult conversations. It’s about communication in general.

If we aren’t socially calibrated, then it can feel weird to say anything in front of others.

And I get it. I truly get it.

But understand that it’s an infinite negative loop.

  • Since you’re not good at socializing, you don’t like doing it.
  • And since you don’t talk to many people, you’re not going to get good at it.

So, how do you break the cycle?

Well, if you get better at, I’m sure you’ll have more enthusiasm doing it. So maybe you can start with that.

4) What if you meet the ONE – Will you be ready?

finding the right partner

They say, that you’ll approx. meet the right person once every 3-5 years.

That’s 2-3 every 10 years.

Well, that’s not too much.

But why?

Because so many factors influence whether you’ll meet that right person, or not.

  • You will have to be in the right place, at the right time.
  • She will have to be single. A huge factor since all the great girls are already taken, or in a relationship.
  • And, you’ll have to interact with her, to get to know her.

But when the time comes, are you going to be ready?

I think asking yourself this, won’t have that much of an effect, until you experience it on your own skin.

Because, when you’ve finally met the right person for yourself, and lost her, because you were “such a fool”, and you take ownership for it, then I believe asking yourself this, will have a much-much stronger effect.

“When the time comes, will I be ready?”

So just know, that finding someone who is single, who is on your taste, with whom you click, and who is so valuable, that it is worth building a life together, is REALLY-REALLY RARE.

And you’ll never know WHEN you’re going to meet that person.

So when the time comes, just don’t let it go away.

Or at least for the next time, better be prepared.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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