How to Find Your Ideal Partner
The Ultimate 10-Step System

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If you are a guy with social anxiety.

If you want to know step-by-step how to find your ideal partner.

And if you’ve decided, that you finally want to find true love.

Then hear me out for a moment, because THIS SYSTEM IS exactly for you.

Even I can’t believe I’m sharing so many secrets with you guys. But the truth is, that the market is saturated, it’s HUGE, and you need to stand out somehow. I’ll try to stand out with this, and that’s why I’m giving this away.

Now, I’m going to share with you a step-by-step system, where I’m going to show you exactly:

  • What you need to do, and where you can find the dream partner you were looking for.
  • I will give you the exact exercises and mindsets to attract the woman that you truly want.
  • And by the end of this 10-step system, you will know EXACTLY how to find your ideal partner.

Just follow this 10-step system, and I promise, that by putting in the work, and with patience, you WILL find true love.


I tried to make this system as simple as possible, while covering everything in depth.

  • So, if you were searching for a quick fix, then sorry, but this ISN’T going to be for you.
  • BUT, if you truly want to know how to find your ideal partner, then get ready. Because I’m about to share with you everything, that I’ve learned throughout the years, about how to overcome social anxiety, and how to find true love. Even if you start from ZERO.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into this 10-step system, on how to find your ideal partner.

How to Find Your Ideal Partner - The Ultimate 10-Step System

Step 1) Getting out of your comfort zone - Starting the change

Collecting information is not enough.

Taking action makes the actual difference!

First thing’s first. You NEED to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and be open enough to try out new things, if you want to have different results.

  • To try out new strategies.
  • New theories.
  • And new exercises.

Because change is really hard. Especially in the beginning.

  • Breaking bad habits.
  • Change the mind.
  • Changing our limiting beliefs, that hold us back.
  • And accepting a completely new reality, while letting go of our ego.

Extremely hard stuff.

But we have to break the ice somehow.

So, be prepared, that if you meet anything new, or any exercise that you’ve never done before, it is going to feel unusual and weird at first.

I had struggles with trying out new things for a very long time, and that’s why one of my favorite quotes is the following:

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

Thomas Jefferson

So. Here’s what you need to know about getting out of your comfort zone.

Step 1/10

Step 2) Courage to say hi - Overcoming social anxiety

Now that you are willing to try out completely new things, here you have the first thing, that you need to deal with.

You need to have the courage to say hi.


And yes, I know exactly how hard it is to “just go there and say hi“, when you have social anxiety.

But don’t worry. I prepared for you the exact mindsets and exercises, on how you can overcome that social anxiety.

  • You are the MAN.
  • You are the one who needs to initiate.
  • It is something that is expected from us men.

Because trust me, no matter how good-looking or ripped you are, most women WILL NOT go there and say hi.

They wouldn’t say hi, because they don’t want to seem too desperate.

The psychology behind is, that women don’t want to be “too easy to get, because then, they would look like a slut, and no woman wants that.

So, that’s why you need to take down that weight from their shoulders, and have that confidence and courage to go there and say hi.

Here’s what you need to know about getting that courage, and overcoming that social anxiety.

Step 2/10

Step 3) Know what to tell - The good topics


If you already have the courage to say hi, BUT:

  • Don’t know what you say next, or what to talk about.
  • Don’t know which are the good topics.
  • Or, if you’re afraid that you will run out of things to say.

Then this section is definitely for you.

Here is what you need to know about what to talk about with her.

Step 3/10

Step 4) Know how to tell it - Confidence and calibration

Confidence is the best make-up a man can wear.

It’s proven that around 93% of our communication is non-verbal communication.

The exact number doesn’t even matter, because it depends on where you read it.

The point is, that HOW we tell things, matter SO MUCH MORE, then WHAT we tell.


It is such a powerful weapon, that I can easily say, that if I had to start again from zero, I would start with this one. I would definitely put most of my energy in learning how to talk to people in a confident and calibrated way. (Not just to women, but to everybody.)

Basically, if we can avoid telling BS, but if we are able to tell it in a confident and calibrated way, we can get what we want so much easier.

Plus, we can get away with a lot of things, even if we made some mistakes during the interaction.

And the good news is, this is something learnable.

  • With time.
  • With the right mindsets.
  • And with the appropriate exercises, you can master it too. Relatively FAST.

So. Here are a few great mindsets and exercises for you, to build that confidence, and to become more calibrated.

Step 4/10

Step 5) Setting and getting dates - Attract her face-to-face

You absolutely need to master the art of setting dates.

Because attracting her face-to-face is much easier, than attracting her on any dating app.

And if you know already:

  • What to tell.
  • How to tell it.
  • And if you are a calibrated guy.

Then this will be the fun part for you.


So, once you have the fundamentals down right, you can finally start enjoying this amazing journey.

But I want to point out one important thing here.

Focus on having a great time. Focus on having fun.

  • Don’t focus on settling down.
  • And don’t focus on getting into a relationship.

Because if you focus on getting into a relationship, then:

  • You won’t be able to be yourself.
  • You won’t be able to crack jokes the same way, because “what if it’s too much…
  • And you will try to play it safe, and to play it carefully all the way down, since you don’t want to lose her.

Instead, practice indifference, and simply focus on having a great time.

So, here’s what you’ll need to know about setting dates and attracting her face-to-face.

Step 5/10

Step 6) New environments - Where to meet single women

I see SO MANY guys succeeding in everything mentioned above, but are failing at this one step. And unfortunately, many times, this is the main reason why they wouldn’t find the right partner for themselves.

  • They have the courage to walk up and say hi.
  • They are calibrated and have good manners.
  • Also, they know what to tell, and they are confident enough to make it work.
  • Plus, they know how to set dates.

BUT, they simply don’t show up in new environments, where they could meet single women.


It’s a comfort zone thing.

  • We easily get used to staying in our own social groups.
  • We are in this small bubble.
  • And we rarely get out of it.

But, it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you don’t put yourself out there and show yourself to the world.

You can be the best painter in the entire universe, but if the world doesn’t know about YOU, or your paintings, then it’s just a waste of talent.

So, don’t be shy.

  • Put yourself out there.
  • Meet new people.
  • Go in new social circles.
  • And increase your luck, by showing up in more places, more often.

So. Here are one of the best places, where you can meet single women.

Step 6/10

You have achieved a huge milestone.

Because, if you have done everything right until step-6, then most probably, you have a successful dating life at this point.

Most men only dream about getting here.

  • To know how to attract women.
  • And to be able to create options any time.

Because if you are able to do that, then:

  • You won’t get attached too easily to someone, and you won’t have to go through any other heart-breaks anymore.
  • You will be surrounded by high-value and beautiful women, and you will be able to choose the one you truly like. Not only the ones that were left.
  • Plus, let’s not forget, that you are on this epic journey, while enjoying this amazing life.

And the prize? It’s going to be TRUE LOVE.


It’s not enough to know only how to get her. Because until now, we talked about that only.

If you truly want to know how to find your ideal partner, then you have to know how to keep her as well.

Because if you found a truly amazing girl, but you messed up afterwards, then that frustration and regret can follow you for a very long time.

So. Here is everything you’ll need to know about how to keep her, and how to make her want to stay with you, when you finally found the one.

Step 7) Having realistic expectations - Is it too much what you want?

You can be the most attractive man in the world and get every girl that you want, but if you have unrealistic expectations, then you will only keep throwing away great opportunities after great opportunities. One after the other.

It’s almost impossible to find your ideal partner like this.


And the truth is, that it is not easy to find out whether our expectations are too high or not.

  • It’s not easy, because our ego is involved in it.
  • And we all know how stubborn and proud us men can be. Right?

So, just try to take a step back for a moment, and try to reflect in an honest way.

Doesn’t matter if you were right or wrong.

The point is to find out whether you have realistic expectations or not.

So. Here is what you’ll need to know about having realistic expectations.

Step 7/10

Step 8) Having a great life - Living a truly attractive lifestyle that women love

Living an attractive lifestyle will help you in both getting the girl AND keeping the girl.

But understand one thing:

Once you get her, the job is not done!

This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see men (and women) do in a relationship, if not the biggest of all:

Laying back when you got her. Laying back when the ring is on her finger.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in the long run.

  • Because, most probably, she fell in love with someone who was on his purpose.
  • With someone who kept going and who kept pushing forward, no matter what.
  • Because, she fell in love with a fighter.

Not with someone who is too comfortable.

Not with someone who lays back all the time.


Don’t get me wrong, we CAN’T be at our best ALL THE TIME. That would be just delusional to ask from someone.

But we sure have to strive to always come up with solutions, to keep pushing ourselves, and to live an awesome lifestyle.

  • Because that is going to be truly attractive in the long run.
  • That is going to create and re-create that spark over the years.

Most men overlook this.

They believe, that they can afford to lay back.

I hope you’ll think otherwise.

So. Here’s how to live a truly attractive lifestyle, that women love.

Step 8/10

Step 9) Red flags - Attracting the wrong person

Red flags are your best friends, and you should never ignore your best friends. Right?

Because, you can make all the 8 steps above perfectly, BUT if you ignore the red flags, then you will only keep attracting the wrong person into your life, right from the start.


People can FAKE so much.

Again. You should NEVER ignore the red flags. Never!

It’s so important. Can’t emphasize it enough.

  • Doesn’t matter how cute or good-looking she is.
  • Doesn’t matter if she’s just your type.
  • And it doesn’t matter how amazing the sex is.

It’s going to be almost impossible to find your ideal partner, if you’re ONLY following your heart, while having your mind shut down, and your eyes closed.

But if you bring your awareness in this direction, and if you’re able to filter out in an early stage the ones, who would only cause you headaches, then you saved yourself from SO MUCH pain and frustration. You can’t even imagine how much.

Not to mention how much TIME you can save for yourself, by avoiding toxic people from the get go.

So. Here is everything you need to know about red flags and attracting the wrong partner.

Step 9/10

Step 10) A stable and healthy relationship - True love

Just like having realistic expectations, you need to have a clear understanding about how a stable and healthy relationship should work.


Of course, every relationship is different. But there are some unwritten golden rules to it.

And if you’re able to follow these, then you will be able to avoid the unnecessary drama and fights in your everyday life.

There are so many boring ways how a relationship can be destroyed.

Starting from the pointless small fights, to all the stupid misunderstandings.

So. I tried to give you a clear picture about how a stable and healthy relationship should look like.

  • LEARN from my mistakes.
  • From other’s mistakes.
  • And from your own mistakes.

Step 10/10

2 Extra Mindsets:

Mindset #1. NO EXCUSES – Always do the work without coming up with any excuses. If you really want something, you will come up with solutions. If you don’t want it, you will come up with excuses. So, how bad do you really want it?

Mindset #2. GIVE IT TIME – Stay consistent. Lower your expectations of having results now, or the next day. Results will come, but only for those, who are brave enough to make their hands dirty, and for those, who are strong enough to get up and keep pushing forward, even in hard times.

So, here you have it, guys.

The ultimate 10-step system on how to find your ideal partner.

Whenever you feel ready, just take the first step.

And just one bite at a time.

Because progress is better than perfect.

You can start here, with the first step:

Hope to see you there, and hope to see you finding your ideal partner.