Ideal Partner FAQ

Ideal Partner FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Find Your Ideal Partner

„Can you find me a perfect partner?”

No, I can’t find you any partner, it’s your job to do that. I can only give you all the tools, and teach you everything I’ve learned during the years, so if a great opportunity comes with time, you don’t miss it.

“How long does it take to find my ideal partner?”

It can take somewhere between 6-12 months and 10 plus years to find your ideal partner, though some people would never find it. It’s the same as finding a best friend in your life. Usually you’ll find one of those 2-3x in a decade. It’s rare.

“How long did it take for you to find your ideal partner?”

It took me exactly 1 year to find my ideal partner, just after I got myself into dating.

“Can I find my ideal partner in under 1 year?”

Yes, it is possible. You can increase your chances with every right step you take, although it is not guaranteed, that you’ll find your ideal partner under 1 year. What I can guarantee is, that you WILL find your ideal partner, and that it will come much faster, IF you do everything the right way.

“Do you help women as well?”

It can happen, but typically I help men.

“Can I meet you before I decide to book a coaching session with you?”

Of course. We can have a free consultation call face-to-face on Facebook, WhatsApp or Zoom, whichever works for you. You are never obliged to get directly into the coaching sessions with me, before getting to know each other.

“How many coaching sessions will I need?”

We start with a 1-month coaching session, and after that you’ll decide if you want to continue. If you feel like you are progressing the right way, then let’s keep going! Also, if you feel like it was enough, then you can simply let me know that you want to stop, without any hard feelings.

“If I don’t like the coaching sessions, will I get a refund?”

Yes. A 100% refund is given back if you don’t like what you get, which is available for 30 days after the first coaching session.