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So, does it get easier later on? Is dating easier in your 30s as a man?

YES, it does get easier. But before you take this simple yes as an answer, let’s dig a little deeper. Because I see a few misleading contents on this topic.

Some articles talk about how dating in your 30s is the best according to experts, and some articles discuss why dating in your 20s is terrible.

Let’s see why.

Why is dating easier in your 30s?

Is Dating Easier in Your 30s
  • You are more mature.
  • You are more experienced.
  • Furthermore, you are more wealthy compared to your 20s, and hopefully you have a great career already.
  • You might even be more confident with time.
  • Women already want to settle down around 25, and they are going to be looking for an ideal partner, if they feel like running out of time.

Now, let’s say you are in your 20s, and it’s hard for you to date women.

Then you read an article about how dating is terrible in your 20s, and will get easier in your 30s.

Do you think it can become an easy excuse to just wait and not do anything until then?

Yeah. That’s exactly what we want to prevent.

But let’s remove career and money from the equation for a moment.

Here’s why.

We might think that if we have money, then we can afford to buy and do certain things, or to travel a lot, which could make us a more interesting person.

Or if we have money, then we can buy her a lot of things, and they will be more attracted to us, since women like wealthy men, right?

That’s right to a certain extent.

But how do you know that they like you for your character, IF you keep paying her constantly?

Let me put it this way.

If you are an experienced, confident guy, who knows exactly what to tell and how to tell it to attract women, then you don’t even need money to date them.

It sure helps, and gives you an advantage if you have a great career, which you should focus on by the way… but if you don’t have game, a great vibe or character, then you’re just wasting your money and time.

Without knowing how to entertain women, the only thing that money will buy for you, is a bit of their time and attention.

That’s all.

So, let’s just focus on getting that confidence and experienced for now.

Because these are easily learnable skills.

What you need to do in your 20s?

What you need to do in your 20s
  • Gain confidence by accumulating small wins: Your testosterone level will get higher if you are winning, which eventually will make you more attractive and masculine.
  • Have a great vibe: Imagine it’s a one on one conversation with a cute girl at a coffee table. You need to be able to have such a great conversation with her, that afterwards she will want to meet you again. For that, you’ll need to improve your social skills.
  • Become more mature: know when it’s time to joke about it, and know when it’s time to talk in a serious way.
  • Get confident around women: For that you’ll have to engage with them, unfortunately there is no way around it. If you freeze and your heart beats faster than it should when talking to a hot girl, you should definitely start getting used to being around women.
  • Have great topics to talk about: One key element to dating is to know how to sustain an interesting conversation with her, and for that you’ll need to come up with some topics to talk about. Don’t wait for her to lead the conversation.
  • Know how to present it: It’s even more important to know HOW to say it. WHAT you have to say is secondary. Do you know those people who can make any boring story a great one? Exactly.
  • Become a great leader: Know how to lead in a way that is not controlling. Learn how to become a leader that is attractive to women.

So, as you see, these are all learnable skill sets, which can be improved over time.

Also, these are skills that will bring you closer to becoming a more successful man.

You can use them to meet new people, to make great friends over the years, and to know hot to talk to anybody, whenever you put yourself in new environments.

It’s worth mentioning, that you WILL improve slowly by default over those years, since you are going to get involved in certain situations, which will force you to develop these skills.

But that’s not enough.

If you truly want to date gorgeous and attractive women, if you want to find your dream partner one day, or if you are planning to have a family and children around 30 or so, then you’ll need to put in the work.

Because it is really hard to find a great partner, with whom it is worth building a future together.

And why do I think it is better to start dating in your 20s?

  • Because if you are in college or high school, you have SO many opportunities that you  don’t want to waste.
  • Because if you develop these skills now, then they will make your life much easier in an earlier stage of your life.
  • Because later you won’t be able to do it anymore, when you found your ideal partner. But now, you can still go out and date whoever you want.
  • And because if you miss out now, nobody will give you back those precious young years, and those great memories.

+Extra tip: High-quality women are usually single only for a short period of time. Not only these women are rare, but as soon as they get out of the relationship, they get approached immediately. So better know how to attract and seduce a woman as soon as they get single, starting in your 20s.

The real question is:

“Do you want to live an abundant life while you are still young?”

If the answer is yes, then the best time to start improving yourself is NOW.

And back to the real question:

“Is dating easier in your 30s as a man?”

Yes, dating is easier in your 30s, because you are more experienced, because you have more wealth, compared to your 20s, and because women already want to settle down around 25, so they are searching for a compatible guy.

Oh, and that experience can be learned easily at any age.

It’s a choice.

But please.

For your own sake.

Never use this as an excuse to procrastinate and to wait for the “easier” years.

Because in one thing we are ALL experts.

And that is finding excuses.

Isn’t that right?

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Until next time.

Take care.

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