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According to a clinical psychologist in LA, new couples should date once a week for the first month. This may sound really counterintuitive, since when we meet someone we really like, we feel the urge to spend as much time as possible with them in the first weeks.

  • So what’s the real formula?
  • Is dating once a week normal?
  • And how often should a new couple date each other in the beginning?

But before we get started, I want to point out, that there is no exact number of days which can be applied for every person and in every situation. So try to use this as a general rule, and try to understand the psychology behind why dating once a week is a good approach in the beginning.

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Is dating once a week normal?

For the short answer: YES, it is!

For the longer answer, let me explain.

I think the best way to understand this concept, is by understanding the REALITY of a woman.

So let me put it this way.

Women usually have lots of options.

It doesn’t mean that all these options are great options, but they definitely have more options in terms of dating, than men in general.

Also, they are surrounded by lots of orbiters, which are basically guys, who don’t really know what to tell in real life, but they follow them everywhere on social media.

And trust me, women are tired of all these “useless” opportunities.

They don’t feel attracted to these men.

At all.

What they really WANT is a confident guy, who has his sh*t together.

But what does an average guy do, when he meets a girl that he likes?


Just after the first date, he would blow up her phone with all these text messages.

He would give her a lot of compliments, so that way she will feel more valued by him.

Also, he would instantly want to set the next date, since they had such a great time together last time. (At least according to him)

But women DON’T want that.

Having all these guys around, yet not being able to do anything with them, can be really frustrating.

Attraction is not a choice, so they can’t force themselves to feel attracted to someone just like that.

It has to come naturally.

If men are needy and express female energy, then it will turn women OFF.

But if they start to project male energy, then attraction can finally take place.

Why dating once a week will make her want you more?

dating once a week normal

Dating once a week will make her want you more, simply because you’ll give them a different experience, apart from most other guys.

As I described earlier, most guys would immediately get attached too easily to a girl they really like, and who they just met.

So, IF you don’t give her that post-date validation she got used to, then she might wonder why aren’t you contacting her.

She might wonder if she did something wrong, and maybe that’s why you don’t contact her.

She might even start to miss you.

And you know why?

Because you didn’t suffocate her right away, just like the other guys did before.

And you know what else?

We only value the things in which we invest energy.

And letting her invest energy as well to have your attention, will make you more valuable, and thus more attractive in her eyes.

You see.

This scenario was created by all those guys who infatuated women non-stop.

But good news for you.

You can use it for your own advantage.

You can now stand out, and finally give her the experience she was waiting for.

She will love you for not being just like the other guys, blowing up her phone, and showing all this love in such a short time.

So give her some space.

Let her breath between the two dates.

Give her time.

Let her think.

And I guarantee you, that this only one thing will separate you from all the other guys, who would simply turn these women off with all this texting, calling and over pursuing.

How dating once a week could actually work?

Abundance. Abundance. Abundance.

If you don’t have options, I’m sure it will be impossible to see a girl who you really like just once a week.

If she is the only one potential dating partner in your life, then it’s obvious that you’re going to be afraid to lose her.

And that’s why we feel like we need to do something.

That we need to text her more, to keep her interest high.

And that’s the trap of the scarcity mindset.

If you have many options, have many goals, have many hobbies, and if you’re surrounded by great friends, then it shouldn’t be a problem to meet with her “just” 1x a week.

But if you’re someone who doesn’t really have many things going on in his life, having only her as an option, then I’m sure, that the “once a week” rule will feel like a torture for you.

And that’s why you need to have an abundant and full life.

So, how often should a new couple date each other in the beginning?

Less is more in dating.

Especially in the beginning.

So, as I said in the beginning, there is no such formula that can be applied in every situation, or to every individual. So use the “once a week” rule as a guideline.

But generally speaking, dating 1x a week in the beginning (first month), is one of the greatest ways to make her want you.

Twice a week could work as well, but try not to go above that in any case.

Of course, there are situations, when you don’t live in the same city, and she’ll leave in a few days or weeks.

That’s something else.

Then you can meet more frequently to get to know her while she’s in town.

But if you live in the same city, then you don’t have to rush anything.

Give her time.

Occupy your mind.

Fill out your days.

Let her invest as well.

And simply observe how the law of attraction is starting to work out for you.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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