Is Dating Right For Me? – Dating as an Introvert

Is dating right for me as an introvert?

There are so many hidden advantages for dating as an introvert, that is not talked about. But, when it’s not in our second nature to meet new women, or to simply talk to people, then it feels like it just isn’t right for us. Constantly trying and failing over and over again, without knowing why we didn’t get the desired result, can be really frustrating.

I was there myself, and I know how that feels.

So, is dating right for me as an introvert?

Let’s find out.

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How to know if I’m an introvert?

Well, there are many types of introverts, but generally speaking, these are the characteristics of an introvert.

  • They always chose writing over speaking.
  • They’re inside their head, analyzing most of the time.
  • They tend to avoid crowds.
  • It feels draining for them to be in a crowd.
  • Small talks seem pointless to them.
  • It’s hard to fit in for them.
  • It’s hard for them to express themselves.
  • It feels great to be alone.
  • They like silence, so they can get inside their mind to rest and recharge.

As Susan Cain describes it in her book Quiet, introverts lose energy from interactions, extroverts gain energy from interactions.

Or as Simon Sinek puts it:

An introvert wakes up in the morning with five coins. With every social interaction, they spend a coin. At the end, they are depleted. An extrovert wakes up with no coins. With every social interaction, they get a coin. At the end, they feel rich.

Simon Sinek

Why is dating right for me as an introvert?

Is Dating Right For Me

Dating is right for you as an introvert, because it comes with so many advantages, that will help you to become a more successful person.

It might not feel that dating is right for us at first.

We might even reject it completely, since it isn’t something that comes naturally for us.

Also, we might have to force it in the beginning, because we are not used to it, and it is something that doesn’t resonate with our current identity.

But I have good news for you.

Dating is learnable.

It’s just as learnable as learning how to read, write, play chess, or play tennis.

Dating FORCES us as an introvert, to get out of our comfort zone, and to face one of our biggest fears.

Talking and expressing ourselves.

Something that introverts are not that good at.

But this is how we grow.

By practicing it.

By putting in the repetition.

And if we push ourselves and practice this skill over and over again, eventually we bring many extremely important aspects into our lives, which will help us grow and become a much better version of ourselves.

What advantages does dating bring into your life?

  • Knowing how to speak to anybody, in any given situation – Whether it’s about a job interview, a new group of friends or a cute girl, if you meet and date many women, eventually you’ll be able to learn hot to talk to anybody in any given situation.
  • Making new friends anywhere you go – Not only you’re going to be able to date more women, but if you put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in new environments, then eventually you’ll meet a lot of high-quality friends as well. Building great connections is essential, if you want to become successful in life.
  • It teaches you to be a better version of yourself – If you truly want to date high-value women, then you’ll have to push yourself. You’ll start to notice, that the more you develop yourself, the higher-quality women you are going to attract. It’s that simple.
  • Meeting new women, wherever you might be (obviously) – Going to the beach, having a house party, going to a salsa festival or traveling to a new city, you name it. It doesn’t matter where you go, if you meet a cute girl, it’s going to be a great new opportunity for you, if you are familiar with dating. But if you’re a shy guy and don’t know how to present yourself, then unfortunately these will be only wasted opportunities.
  • You can actually find your ideal partner – You don’t choose what is left, you choose according to your own taste. With abundance of women, you can actually find your ideal partner, and you can choose someone that you truly desire. You won’t choose her because your time was running out. You won’t choose her because you already got used to her, or because you invested too much energy and time to leave her. But because she was someone who you truly wanted, and with whom it was worth building a future together. Because YOU chose her and not something else.

P.S.: All mentioned above were true in my case. Basically, dating helped me to grow, and to become more successful in my social life, in my professional life, in business, and it helped me find my ideal partner. As you face and defeat that internal fear, you’ll get stronger and stronger on the way.

So, if the question was “Is dating right for me as an introvert?”

Then my answer is: YES, definitely!

You can only win from it.

A lot, actually.

But you have to be prepared, that it WILL be uncomfortable and unusual in the beginning.

And that’s totally fine.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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