5 Best Places to Meet Single Women – Where to Find a Great Partner

Maybe you’re wondering if there are any great women left out there, and if so, where the heck are they?

Well, here are the 5 best places to meet single women, and where you can find a potentially great partners.

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The 5 best places to meet single women

Before we get started, I want to make one thing clear. It’s NOT enough to just show up in these places, and to lay back afterwards.


You have to be opened and brave enough to at least say hi, or to initiate a conversation with her.

Most women EXPECT men to initiate first. So, better not waste any time waiting for her to do the first move. Plus, it’s much more masculine, when someone is brave enough to just walk up, and casually say hi, with the pure intentions of getting to know each other. But never forget to be calibrated, to respect their boundaries, and if you crossed them, then to take a step back, and acknowledge, that you went a bit far.

So, with that said, let’s see, which are these 5 places to meet single women.

1) Dance classes

A lot of men ask whether there are more women attend to dance classes than men. Well, I asked a few friends of mine who attended (and taught) +10 years, plus surfed the internet a bit, and it turns out, that back in the days, there were more women, but nowadays, the ratio is kind of equal. But it’s really hard to say in advance, since it depends on the type of the dance, the region, and the actual class.

For example:

  • Salsa
  • Bachata
  • Kizomba
meet single women at dance classes

These are all Latin origin dances, and on these classes, usually you’ll get to meet a new girl around every 2-3 minutes.

They switch partners really frequently to make it more dynamic, and since these Latin dances are all about lead and follow, you’ll get the chance to see how it is to lead or follow, with another partner.

Also, there are some dance classes, where usually more women are attending:

  • Zumba
  • Tango
  • Cardio dance classes

But again, this is not a rule, and it’s really hard to tell in advance, whether women are going to be in majority or not.

So, I would just attend one or two classes, see how it is, and if you like it, you can keep going, if not, you can switch any time.

You can’t lose that much.

Give it a shot, and you’ll be amazed how many great women you can meet here.

2) Volunteering in a community

Here, with a higher chance you will meet women, who care about something else, than your credit card or luxury.

It’s such a huge plus, if someone is spending their time helping others, just because of a good cause, without expecting anything in return. So, generally speaking, you can find many kind-hearted and helpful individuals here.

Meet single women at volunteering

It’s not a rule, of course, but definitely a great place to find many great women.

  • Erasmus volunteering – An excellent chance to get to know many fresh international students. Plus, you’re seen as a “leader”, since you’re organizing many things for them, and guide them throughout a whole semester.
  • Volunteering for a good cause – While you organize and do your tasks, you’ll definitely get to know other volunteers and participants as well.
  • Dog shelter volunteering with a group – While you go out and play with the dogs in the forest, you can get to know so many other people. Plus, women love men, who love dogs.
  • Volunteering abroad – You can even go abroad for a few weeks to do some basic tasks, while getting to know tons of new people.

I did it.

Many of my friends did it.

And until now, I only heard positive feedbacks about volunteering.

It’s just a win-win situation and an excellent experience. Honestly recommend it.

3) Friend of a friend

It’s not necessarily a place, but it’s definitely an excellent way to meet single women.

Meet single women from a friend of a friend

Because if you have a lot of friends, especially female friends, and if they like you, even if they are taken, they might introduce you to one of their single girlfriends.

So don’t ignore this low-hanging fruit.

It’s a huge one.

4) Events

Find something that you like doing, and go to an event of that kind.

  • Outdoor workout event, if you like to exercise.
  • Board game night, or quiz-night, if you like to play games.
  • Or go to a bicycle event, if you like cycling.

The point is to find like-minded people, and to open up a conversation with them.

Meet single women on a board game night

You’ll never know where you’ll find someone who is just the right fit for you.

You can find events on:

  • Facebook search – at the “events” tab
  • Google search
  • Meetup.com
  • Couchsurfing.com

There are so many events which you can attend to, and I encourage you to try it out, since these are all great places to meet single women, and maybe a potentially great partner.

5) House Party

House parties are one of my personal favorites.

  • You already know a bunch a people there, so you can have a few casual conversations effortlessly.
  • You already have social proof, since you are part of that group, and you have many great friends there. Which means, that you’re probably not a some weirdo, if they invited you.
  • Plus, you don’t have to rush to meet anybody, since you are going to be there for a couple of hours.
Meet single women at a house party

You can play it really smart. But for that, you need to understand one thing.

You have to become part of the entire group and talk with everybody, and not just with the girl you like. That way, you can get more social proof during the night, it will show her that you are not that needy or desperate for her, and she will value your presence much more, when you are going to give it to her.

Because IF you’re giving all your attention to her really fast, and if you’re always around her, then trust me, she will know that you want her a lot, and she will lose attraction towards you.

So, just try to play it the smart way, because that way, you’ll have higher chances to meet great women, at the next house party.

Exceptions do happen

Online dating, clubs and bars

I know a lot of you don’t believe, that you can meet a great partner in any of these places. But believe me or not, exceptions DO happen.

I’m NOT saying, that you should go online dating, to clubs or bars with the intention of finding true love. No.

I’m only saying, that you should always be opened for new connections. And try not to demonize, or label these places too much in a bad way, just because other people said so. I know a bunch of guys who found their ideal partner in the club, or on online dating.

Places to meet single women

After all, these are all destinations where single people go, to meet other single people. So basically places to meet single women.

And YES, a lot of people come here just to have fun. But that’s alright, and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t have too high expectations of finding true love here.

  • But hey, who knows? You can never know.
  • It’s just another chance.
  • It’s just another opportunity and place to get to know a new person.

Right now, you are at step 6/10, in the 10-step system on how to find your ideal partner.

Continue the system with the next small bite, here.

If you don’t know about this system yet, BUT you truly want to find your ideal partner, then see the full 10-step system here.

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P.S.: Let me know in the comments which is YOUR favorite place to meet single women, or which was the place where you met your partner?

Until next time.

Take care.

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