Should I Start Online Dating? – Is It Worth the Investment?

Meeting and dating new women has never been easier, especially with online dating in our hands. Just set up a profile, have a few great pictures of yourself, and you can get instant matches, even from the comfort of your home.

You don’t even have to go out and talk to people, to meet new women, and all we need to do, it to download a dating app.

But there are some disadvantages too to online dating as well.

So, should I start online dating?

Is online dating worth it?

Does online dating actually work?

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Is online dating worth it and does it work?

Whether you are heartbroken and you are doing it out of revenge (which I don’t really recommend), whether you are searching for true love, or just want to meet new women, online dating can provide it for you.

And YES, it does work, and it can bring real results.

But, unless you know how to use online dating the right way, nothing will be able to convince you, that it can actually work.

You have to experience it, to see the matrix and understand the dynamics, and only AFTER that you’ll see that it can work.

Trust me, I know many men who tried online dating and failed, and afterwards blamed the platform because of their lack of success.

Also, I know men who are having no trouble meeting and dating lots of women with online dating.

So where is the truth?

Should I start online dating?

What to expect from online dating?

Should I Start Online Dating

Anything can happen in online dating:

  • Being rejected (a lot)
  • Being ghosted
  • Talking a lot and afterwards nothing
  • Almost having a date
  • Setting a date, but she won’t come
  • Actually getting dates
  • Having one-night stands
  • Meeting poor quality women
  • Meeting high-quality women
  • Meeting the love of your life

So you have to be prepared for all these possible scenarios.

But whether we should start online dating or not, truly depends on our intentions and expectations to it.

Can online dating lead to love?

can online dating lead to love

Yes, it can lead to love, but I wouldn’t rely on online dating only to find my ideal partner.

But it’s a great opportunity to meet lots of women.

As I said before, anything can happen in online dating, but if you are about to start this journey, you’ll have to develop a thick skin to keep going.

Because eventually, you will have to face a lot of weird behavior, a lot of rejection and flaking. And by the way, you should never take those things personally.

There are a lot of women out there, who use online dating only as an ego booster, so they can feel better about themselves after getting a lot of attention and validation. (Apologies to the exceptions). So you’ll never know the true reason of their responses and reactions.

But there are also a lot of great women, who simply want to give it a shot, and who are looking for a long-term relationship.

You never know.

But again, I wouldn’t rely on online dating only to find love.

Because that creates high expectations from the beginning, and that will only make you disappointed afterwards.

I would simply see online dating as a platform, that creates opportunities for meeting new women, and I would simply focus on having a great time, without the intention of getting into a relationship.

It’s low pressure.

It has low expectations to it.

And it will prevent you from the potential heart-breaks and disappointments.

Plus, it’s a more playful and non-needy approach, which allows both parties to slowly develop feelings for each other.

Remember, love is naturally slow, and you should never want to rush things forward.

Simply let it flow.

And focus on having a great time together, instead of focusing on locking her down and getting into a relationship.

Should I start online dating?

Those who had success, will confirm it.

Those, who failed, will deny it.

In other words, if you don’t know how to use it the right way, it will only be a waste of time in your eyes, and nothing will be able to change that, unless you start to experience the opposite.

But just by knowing a few tricks, and understanding the fundamentals of online dating, can bring you multiple dates pretty easily.

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So, does it worth it?

Should I start online dating?

It’s simply a great opportunity to meet and date new women, and it is worth the investment if done correctly.

But it’s up to you to decide whether you want to start this journey, or not.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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