I help MEN with social anxiety to attract high-value women & to find their ideal partner on this amazing journey!

find your ideal partner

Just a few words about myself.

At one point in my life I just HAD ENOUGH!

I had enough of not knowing how to talk to women.

I had enough of constantly being rejected by them.

I had enough that the “douchebags” were always the ones who got the cute girls.

And I REALLY had enough, that I knew that I could take more care of them, but still, they always chose the “bad guys” over me.

I just had enough that no matter what I did, or how I did it, it simply DIDN’T WORK OUT for me.

The TRUTH was.

I just didn’t understand how attraction worked.

What’s more, I had ZERO social life with just a few friends.

I had no clue how to fit in, and I simply couldn’t let go.

It was SO HARD for me to laugh about a stupid joke. 

It had to make sense to me, otherwise I couldn’t force myself to laugh about it.

But the bottom line is, that it was a real challenge for me to talk to women, especially when I didn’t even know how to talk to guys, how to make new friends, or how to fit in a new social group.

I was 21 when I had my first undercut IN MY LIFE.

Thomas Kallos - before after

I was a late bloomer.

That was in my 3rd year of faculty.

One of my best friends cut it for me, and I’m so grateful that he offered it to me, and that I’ve actually convinced myself to take that step.

It was a big change since I’ve NEVER been to a barber before (honestly, maybe just once before 21) and my father was the one who cut my hair until that point.

This haircut was the FIRST BIG STEP in my journey.

I started to pay more attention to the clothes I was wearing and how I showed up in a new social circle.

I started to put more emphasis on the words I was using and the way I expressed myself to everybody.

And finally, (slowly but steadily) I started to TALK TO GIRLS. Which was a huge thing in my life.

Started with the AWKWARD SMALL TALKS.

Thomas Kallos

After that, I went on Google to find some great pick-up lines and topics to talk about.

And I’ve CRASHED AND BURNED hundreds and thousands of times, until I started to connect the dots and see the matrix.

It wasn’t fun all the times, and I definitely had multiple moments when I was about to surrender, but the results were sweater than anything else in this world.

Basically, to enjoy my young years while I can, without having to REGRET anything later in life!

And if that’s not enough, an amazing life partner will associate my life at the end of this journey.

One of the best ways I know someone could use their own time, while they are still young.


Because a life where we are numerously asking ourselves all those “WHAT IF’s”, is definitely not a fulfilled life!

Also, they say regret is one of the most painful feelings in the world.

And I think it is THE most painful one.

And I simply didn’t want to live a life full of regrets.

My goal was to find an ideal partner.

Thomas Kallos - Relationship Coach

And I believe I’ve reached that goal.

I’ve found someone who always supports me.

With whom I can talk about anything any time.

If something is bothering me, I know I can tell it to her and that we can work it out.

I’ve found someone, who gives me a feeling of security.

Someone who gives me a feeling that I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE who wants to make this relationship to work.

And someone who is my best friend at the same time.

It should always be a two-way road.

I don’t just expect her to give all this to me.

I give my all to her as well.

And that is one of the secrets to a happy and healthy relationship.

Imagine having that ideal partner for YOURSELF.

Which comes with an amazing life experience and a feeling of joy and fulfillment, a feeling that simply tells you, that you don’t have to regret those “what if’s” anymore.

It IS possible, and I can GUARANTEE you that.

We ONLY think of change when it’s already starting to hurt.

Thomas Kallos

In the same way, we don’t go to the dentist, only when we can’t take it anymore. Right?

But in the end, it is a DECISION we are making, whether we actually want to live that dream, or whether we want to continue the same way and stay exactly where we are at the moment.

I’ve walked through this path the hard way.

I’ve seen, and I’ve experienced, many things during this period.

And I want to give everything I’ve learned throughout these years, so you don’t have to do it the hard way, just like I did.

I truly want to make a better world, by giving everything I’ve accumulated over the years.

I truly want to improve the lives of men, because I know HOW IT FEELS to be stuck, to be clueless and to fail to know how to even get started.

I’ll always try my best to give the best experience to you guys.

By constantly improving myself, day by day.

And together, I’m confident, that we are going to create HIGH QUALITY MEN out there.

I know WE WILL!

THANK YOU for being here and for reading through.

I hope you will have a great experience here.

Until next time.

Take care.

Thomas Kallos Relationship Coach