7+ Best Valentine’s Week Activity Ideas for Couples in 2022

If you want to offer to your partner something beyond the typical Valentine’s Days, then make your own Valentine’s Week, to make it more special.

Valentine’s Day falls on Monday in 2022, so it’s the perfect moment for you to try this out, and make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

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1) Valentine’s Day Monday – Give each other presents and book a romantic dinner

Valentine's Day romantic dinner

Even if you agreed not to buy anything for each other, you should buy at least some flowers for her on Valentine’s Day. Women love flowers, and if you’re not the type of guy who usually buys flowers (like myself), then maybe you can make an exception once a year.

The romantic dinner is classical, yet, it’s still one of the greatest and most popular ways to spend the time together on Valentine’s Day.

The dinner doesn’t have to be super expensive. It is just a way to get the night started, and it’s an excellent way to spend the night together.

2) Valentine’s Week Tuesday – Movie night

7 Valentine's Week ideas

Valentine’s Day is over. But we won’t stop here.

The point is to spend a bit of quality time every day for a week with each other, in order to make it special.

So you can either go out for movies, or you can simply arrange your own movie night at home.

3) Valentine’s Week Wednesday – Romantic candle bath

Valentine's Week ideas for couples

Candle baths are a great way to make your night romantic.

Just light up some flavored candles, lay back, and enjoy each other’s presence.

It’s a great moment to discuss any upcoming plan you might have for the future.

It’s simple. It’s fun. And it’s romantic.

4) Valentine’s Week Thursday – Take a dance lesson together

Ideas for Valentine's Week

Salsa. Bachata. Cha-cha. Samba. Rumba.

Choose whichever you like the most, and the one which is available in your town.

It’s always fun to go to a dance class together.

You don’t have to book an entire month, you can simply book one session for the two of you.

It’s as easy as booking a dinner in any restaurant.

So. No excuses.

5) Valentine’s Week Friday – Wine and 2 player games night

Valentine's Week vine and 2 player games

Finally. It’s weekend. I mean, Friday means it’s almost weekend, right?

Anyway. After you finish with work, you can open up a bottle of wine, and play some board games, or any kind of 2 player games together.

You can play “truth or dare” with the empty bottle of wine, if you want to spice things up a bit.

Or you can go with one of our favorite games: Yahtzee or Jenga.

You’ll always remember this night for sure.

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6) Valentine’s Week Saturday – Book a SPA

Valentine's Week SPA

What could be a better program, then a warm thermal bath, with some sauna in the middle of February? And maybe some massage too.

You can make it a full-day activity, or just a few hours.

An excellent way to spend the weekend together.

7) Valentine’s Week Sunday – Give each other a relaxing massage

Valentine's Week massage

To go full circle and close the Valentine’s Week, you can give each other a relaxing massage on Sunday night.

It’s relaxing. It’s caring. And arousing at the same time.

A great way to end the week, and also to make the Valentine’s Week an amazing experience.

Extra: Some more ideas

If you don’t prefer an activity from the list above, you can always change it with something else.

Here are some more ideas about what you can do on Valentine’s Week.

  • Print out last year’s photos and make a photo album
  • Paint on canvas together
  • Go ice skating
  • Cook dinner together
  • Long walk and long talk in a near park

You can always come up with your own ideas.

The point is to spend a bit of quality time with your spouse every day for a week, and to make your Valentine’s Day more special, by stretching it out to a Valentine’s Week.

You can also send this list to your partner, and discuss the Valentine’s Week schedule together.

Happy Valentine’s Day & Valentine’s Week to all of you!

Enjoy your time together.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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