My Top 15 Tips – What I Learned from Previous Relationships?

Before I tell you what I learned from previous relationships, let me share this quote with you first.

It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Warren Buffett

One of my favorite quotes actually, since I was a person, who most of the time went with his head directly into the wall, without knowing exactly how it is done.

I had that “Oh, I know that, you don’t have to tell me…proud attitude, which quite frankly, didn’t really help me at all in my dating or love life.

Because I made a lot of stupid mistakes over the years, and I hope you will learn something from them.

I had to learn them the hard way, and I’m willing to share what I learned from previous relationships with you guys, in this post.

So, here is what I learned from previous relationships.

what I learned from previous relationships
  1. People can FAKE…SO…MUCH → You can never know the true color of a person, until you lived with them for a while.
  2. Giving too much, too soon to the wrong person, can make your life miserable → Better know that person before you fall in love with them.
  3. If they want to work it out, they will look for solutions → Otherwise, they will keep looking for excuses.
  4. Learn to let go → Don’t waste time with someone who wasn’t available when she had the chance. Just move on, life is way too short.
  5. Watch out for the red flags in the beginning of the relationship → Ignore them now, and you will have to face the consequences later.
  6. Better alone, than with the wrong person → I’d rather enjoy my own time, my own freedom, than satisfy my „loneliness”.
  7. Love is built with time and effort, it’s not given → It truly is a long marathon and not a sprint.
  8. Looks do matter, but it’s just a fraction of the equation → „Alright, but what else can she bring to the table?”. Ask that from yourself, if you get blinded by her looks.
  9. It’s not enough that you love her, it has to go both ways → It takes two hands to clap. It is that simple.
  10. Poor communication WILL most probably end your relationship → There is no way around it, you will have to sit down and talk.
  11. Don’t be afraid to confront her → It’s okay to disagree. If you don’t tell it now, you will have to deal with it on a bigger scale later.
  12. The anger WILL accumulate if you don’t talk it out, and it will hit you in the face → It can really blow up inside you, so better get it out.
  13. Know your boundaries and mean it → They will only do as much as you allow them to do. So don’t let them step on you.
  14. Don’t attack your partner, try to understand first → Also, try to attack the problem instead. It sounds pretty simple, yet, it’s one of the hardest ones.

And my favorite one.

15. To appreciate my current partner, and not to take her for granted → Without the bad experiences, I couldn’t be able to fully appreciate all the good she has to offer.

And don’t worry if you had many bad experiences before, they will truly teach you how to appreciate the good ones.

So, here is what I learned from previous relationships, and I hope this helped some of you guys to learn from my mistakes.

You can truly save yourself from many heartbreaks, from a lot of frustration and headache in the future, by simply not falling in the same traps as I did.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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