When She Friendzones You Do These 5 Steps to Attract Her

There is nothing wrong with having female friends. Unless you have romantic feelings towards them, and you’re living with the hopes of being together with her one day.

When she friendzones you, you got to take the right steps, if you actually want to engage with her romantically. Otherwise, you’ll just remain in the friend zone, wasting more time, and waiting for the perfect moment to make that one shot.

Again, if you want to be just friends, that’s totally fine.

This article is for those, who want to get out of the friend zone, and who had enough of waiting, and finally want to find out whether they have a change or not.

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When She Friendzones You Do These 5 Steps to Attract Her

1) Let her know your intentions – Make it man to woman

When she friendzones you

One of the best ways to let her know your intentions, is by asking her out.

Yes, I know. It’s easier said than done.

Especially if you like her so much, that you really don’t want to miss that one shot.

But you HAVE to make it man to woman somehow.

Otherwise, she’ll keep considering you a nice guy or a “great friend”, who helps her, listens to her, and who is a great support.


When she friendzones you, you have to get out of that bubble, and you need to take off that “nice guy” label from yourself.

Because if you are in the friend zone, unfortunately she is not considering you a potential romantic partner.

She’s looking at you just like a great friend.

So make sure you let her know your intentions, and that you make it man to woman, if you want to be together with her.

Oh, and by the way. By asking her out, you’ll find out instantly if she’s interested in you or not, and you won’t waste any more time with someone, who doesn’t even have the intentions of getting to know you.

2) Don’t agree on being just friends – Get out of the friend zone

If she is not interested in dating you, but you are friends, then most probably she will offer you the same scenario of remaining just friends.

Again, if you want to be just friends, that’s fine, but if you want to get out of the friend zone and want her as your girlfriend, then you shouldn’t agree on being just friends.

Often times, she just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or offend you by telling no, even if she is not interested.

Since you are so nice to her, and you give her all that attention and validation, why wouldn’t she want to keep you as a friend?

Unfortunately, when she friendzones you, remaining just friends will not help your situation of engaging with her romantically.

You don’t have to be a total jerk about it.

You simply have to show her your intentions and stick to it.




3) Stop helping her out – It’s not your job to do so

Stop helping her out when she friendzones you

If you have been helping her out with:

  • Her homework.
  • Her work tasks.
  • Fixing things for her.
  • Carrying things for her.

Then you need to STOP immediately with that.

This is a major part of the problem when she friendzones you.

Because if you are in the friend zone, and you are helping her out, it’s obvious that you are living with the hopes of getting her one day, and she’s just enjoying that great support you provide to her.

Again, you don’t have to be rude about it, just let her know that you have other tasks to do at the moment.

If she doesn’t want to go out with you, but she needs your help, I think that pretty much sums everything up, isn’t it?

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4) Start dating other women – Starting the attraction phase

Here are two simple, yet, extremely important rules, that helped me realize so many things about female attraction:

RULE#1: Scarcity creates attraction!

RULE#2: Women are attracted to men who are desired by other women!

So, if you are dating other women, then you already arrived to the phase, when you’re not fixated to that one particular woman. Which is great.

Because, now you removed your presence, and you don’t give all that attention to her anymore.

To have a better understanding of RULE#1, first you need to understand that anything that is low in supply or rare, will increase its value.

So, if you remove your presence, and don’t make yourself so much available for her, then your value will increase automatically in her eyes.

Not to mention what will happen when you start dating other women and start living an abundant life.

Remember, if you are wanted by other women, you are far more attractive in their eyes.

I didn’t create these rules, but this is how attraction works.

So, if you really want to get out of the friend zone and attract her, then start playing according to the rules, and start taking the right steps to have success.

5) Improve, improve, improve – Live a purposeful life

Everybody knows they have to improve themselves, but how many are actually doing it?

If you did each 4 steps the right way, then most probably you’ll have her attention, and you’ll have another shot with her.

But the moment she sees that you’re just another guy without any purpose, who dates a lot of women, then it will be a quick turn-off for her.

Having pick-up skills will help you to get her.

But in addition, having and living a purposeful life will actually help you to get her and keep her.

Find your ideal partner

You have to have many things going on in your life:

  • Having big goals
  • Having many hobbies
  • Having great friends

And you have to keep improving yourself, because that is what a true leader does.

Because that is what a true achiever does.

And because that’s the core masculine energy that will keep her attracted to you.

  • Read books.
  • Learn social skills.
  • Practice humor.
  • Become sharp mentally.
  • Meditate.
  • Exercise.
  • Build your own business.

Whatever it is, go for it.

There are so many ways how you can improve yourself and develop a more complex and versatile personality.

So always strive to become the best version of yourself, and eventually you’ll find someone who you deserve. Eventually you’ll find your ideal partner.

Here is another rule to end this.

RULE#3: You attract what you are, not what you want!

Always remember that.

And always strive to become better and better, to find your ideal partner.

To find long-lasting love.

To find with whom you can live a whole life together.

No matter if it’s her, someone else, or someone better, the only thing you need to focus right now, is to BECOME a high value person, and eventually you will find each other on this journey.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you, so you can’t really come out as a loser in this.

Thank you for being here and reading through.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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