3 Main Reasons Why Friend Zone Is Offensive to Most Men

Have you ever got friendzoned, that ended in a big disappointment? Maybe in such a way, that even made you feel offended by it?

Well, here are the 3 main reasons why friend zone is offensive to most men, and why we take it personally and get offended by it, when we finally have to face reality.

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3 Main Reasons Why Friend Zone Is Offensive to Most Men

1) High expectations, huge disappointment

Why friendzone is offensive to most men


Let’s simplify it.

  • He is having romantic feelings.
  • She just wants to be friends.
  • He is having high expectations.
  • She doesn’t have any expectations.

It’s clear who is going to get hurt and offended.

We have to face reality.

IF you want to engage with her romantically, make it man to woman somehow.

Don’t beat around the bush for weeks or months.

Or maybe years as well.

Simply find out whether she has romantic intentions or not.

And if not, then maybe it’s better to drop those high expectations towards her.

Because the more you carry those high expectations with you, the stronger it will hit you right in the face.

That’s one of the reasons why friend zone is offensive to most men.

Because they can’t let go of those high expectations, and they are waiting for the perfect moment to take that one shot.

I know it’s hard, because you like her a lot, and you don’t want to ruin it.

But trust me.

Once you found out what are her intentions, it will be such a relief.

So, don’t overcomplicate your life.

Don’t carry those high hopes until you get disappointed.

Instead, face reality as soon as possible, and carry on.

Indifference is the key here.

2) Seeing everything small detail as a good sign

Signs that she likes him

You know how it is.

When we really like someone, we tend to notice every small detail, and see it as a great sign.

We want to create the narrative, that she actually likes us.

  • We analyze everything.
  • Most often, we overanalyze and overthink it.
  • And even the smallest sign seems like she is doing it, just to get our attention.

This is one of the reasons why friend zone is offensive to most men.

Because they truly BELIEVE, that all those signs were meant for them.

When in reality, she was most probably just minding her own business.

What a disappointment, right?

But, we are the ones who create this narrative.

  • Our imagination.
  • Our fantasies.
  • We WANT to believe that she likes us, so hard, that we create stories around it. That we come up with these great explanations, why she does everything to have our attention.

And those are the stories that we keep telling to ourselves.

That is the reality in which we start to live in.

It’s a dangerous and deadly spiral.

Can you see why friend zone is offensive if we put it this way?

It truly can feel like that, when every sign we see tells us that she likes us, and that she’s doing all that, just to have our attention.

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3) Getting attached to her too much

getting attached to her

Getting attached too much to something will only lead us to suffering.

That is something I will keep repeating over and over again.

Because it’s something well known, but little understood.

Usually only those will get in the friend zone, who get attached too much.

Because otherwise, if you face reality, let go and move forward, you can’t land in the friend zone, isn’t that right?

It’s like having that oneitis with someone, and not being able to let go.

Hoping, if you spend enough time around her, she will finally see what an amazing person you are.

The issue here isn’t with persistence.

It’s great to persist, and not to give up easily to a person we truly like.

The problem here is with facing reality.

  • Having the courage to take that one shot.
  • Having the courage to find out her intentions.
  • And at the same time, having the courage to face a potential rejection.

Because that’s the whole reason why we are playing it safe.

Because we are afraid of that potential rejection, and we don’t want to ruin it.

  • Always walking on eggshells.
  • Not being able to be our true selves.
  • Being careful with the humor we use.
  • Being careful with the words we use.
  • Always having to make sure that she likes us.

It’s just too much pressure.

It’s just too much carefulness.

The more attached you are, the harder it will be to accept and face reality when you get there.

Can you see why friend zone is offensive to most men?

It can truly feel disappointing when we are too much attached to the wrong person.

Having high hopes of getting together one day with someone, who doesn’t see us as a potential romantic partner, but rather sees us only as a great friend.

And again, there is nothing wrong with being just friends.

But IF you are having romantic intentions while being friends, it is going to be a total waste of your energy and time, until you finally find the courage to face reality.

Thank you for being here and reading through.

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Until next time.

Take care.

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